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Laser Machines, Services, Maintenance and Safety Specialists
Laser Machines and Systems for Marking, Cutting and Welding
Laser Processes, the jobs lasers can do
Metals, Glass, Plastics, Wood and Foils can be Laser Processed
Maintenance and servicing, CO2 refills, training and technical support
Optics, lamps, flow tubes, MAT boards and more
Safety Eyewear, safety glass, toxic fume extraction.
Email, phone or fax TLM Laser
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info-centre/ 4 pages
Laser News, Information and events blog
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news-and-events/ 88 pages
Laser Workstation M1000, M2000 & M3000 | TLM Laser Ltd
MedTec Ireland | TLM Laser Ltd
The Joy of Welding Control | TLM Laser Ltd
Two Lasers in One | TLM Laser Ltd
The Future of Fume Extraction | TLM Laser Ltd
The Ultimate Songwriting Laser | TLM Laser Ltd
Cutting costs in Day-Night Marking | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Hybrid Welding for Automotive Lighting | TLM Laser Ltd
TLM at the PDM Exhibition 14-15 June | TLM Laser Ltd
UDI – Cutting the Cost of Conforming | TLM Laser Ltd
High Energy Efficiency Laser Welding | TLM Laser Ltd
Mobile Laser Hardening Robot | TLM Laser Ltd
3D Metal Printing Improves Implant Performance | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Marking Livestock | TLM Laser Ltd
Increasing cylinder head manufacturing productivity | TLM Laser Ltd
Where to see us in 2016 | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser 3D Metal Printing with InssTek | TLM Laser Ltd
New FOBA Y-series Fiber Laser | TLM Laser Ltd
Traceable Truck Parts | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Systems Designed Around You | TLM Laser Ltd
TLM Apprentice Success | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Plastic Welding in Medical Microfluidics | TLM Laser Ltd
New Look Laser Website | TLM Laser Ltd
Got Our Number? | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Cladding for Unlimited Part Life | TLM Laser Ltd
Meet the Laser Experts at Medtec 2015 | TLM Laser Ltd
On the Fly Laser Marking | TLM Laser Ltd
Micromachining with Ultrafast Pulse Lasers | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Welding – Fibre or Flashlamp? | TLM Laser Ltd
Innovative Vision Alignment Tools | TLM Laser Ltd
AL-TW Work Bench with Integrated Fiber Laser | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Cutting Metal? | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Fume Extraction | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Safety is Looking Good | TLM Laser Ltd
Plastic Fantastic! Laser Plastic Welding | TLM Laser Ltd
Mark of the Imposter? | TLM Laser Ltd
Plastics Design and Moulding Exhibition | TLM Laser Ltd
A Handheld Laboratory for Laser Welding Perfection | TLM Laser Ltd
Fiber Laser Technology with AL F | TLM Laser Ltd
Unique Device Identification for Medical Marking | TLM Laser Ltd
New Cutting Edge Laser Range from Coherent | TLM Laser Ltd
The Best Laser Safety Options – Yours Instantly | TLM Laser Ltd
Vision-Based Part Marking with Laser | TLM Laser Ltd
All's Weld at Southern Manufacturing | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Cutting – Sledgehammer or Scalpel? | TLM Laser Ltd
TLM Selected for Parliament | TLM Laser Ltd
Mobile, Tablet or Desktop - Our Website is Made for You. | TLM Laser Ltd
Buying a Laser Welding System? | TLM Laser Ltd
Eyes Right. Which Laser Safety Glasses? | TLM Laser Ltd
Medtec Ireland 2014 | TLM Laser Ltd
Going BIG on Mobile Lasers | TLM Laser Ltd
5 Essentials for Choosing a Laser Marking System | TLM Laser Ltd
Productive LED Wafer Marking | TLM Laser Ltd
CO2 Laser Tubes with 5 Years Peace of Mind | TLM Laser Ltd
A Cost-Cutting Diamond Laser | TLM Laser Ltd
Plastics Design and Moulding Exhibition | TLM Laser Ltd
TLM Success at MACH 2014 | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Windows at Win/Win Prices | TLM Laser Ltd
Cost Saving Servicing for Schools | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Plastic Welding leaders join TLM team | TLM Laser Ltd
TLM Laser at Mach Show 2014 | TLM Laser Ltd
Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2014 | TLM Laser Ltd
BOFA to spend £500,000 on R&D Activities | TLM Laser Ltd
Faster Throughput and Higher Accuracy | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Assisted Processes for Tool Manufacturing | TLM Laser Ltd
BOFA Enhanced Fume Extraction | TLM Laser Ltd
Element Check | TLM Laser Ltd
Overlap Welding with a Laser | TLM Laser Ltd
TLM Laser ‘Company of the Month' | TLM Laser Ltd
Day/Night Marking | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Marking for Medical Supplies | TLM Laser Ltd
Flange Welding | TLM Laser Ltd
The Jewellery Show 2013 | TLM Laser Ltd
Butt Welding with a Laser | TLM Laser Ltd
Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2013 | TLM Laser Ltd
Royal Honours for BOFA | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Marking in the Motor Industry | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Welding | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Cutting | TLM Laser Ltd
New Premises for TLM Laser | TLM Laser Ltd
BOFA wins The Queen’s Award for Enterprise | TLM Laser Ltd
Laser Marking - A Basic Guide | TLM Laser Ltd
Register for MACH 2012 | TLM Laser Ltd
TLM Laser appoints new Sales Manager | TLM Laser Ltd
MEDTEC Ireland - 5-6th Oct | TLM Laser Ltd
MM Live show - 27th-29th Sep | TLM Laser Ltd
laser-applications/ 30 pages
Laser Hardening
Laser Cladding
Laser Marking
Laser welding
Laser Cutting
Laser Micro Machining
Intelligent Mark Positioning or IMP
Point & Shoot
Laser Marking for Medical Supplies
Component Marking for the Auto Industry
Component Laser Marking for the Aerospace Industry
Semiconductor Marking Systems
Package Marking : Food and beverage marking
Industrial Laser Marking for the Tools and Metal Industries
Laser Marking Machines & Systems
Wafer Marking & Sorting Systems
Contract Laser Marking
Laser Welding Metals
Laser Welding of Plastics
Laser Heat Treating & Surface Hardening
Laser Hardening Systems
Laser Assisted Processes for Tool Manufacturing
Laser Hardening in Mechanical Engineering
Laser Cladding Systems and Machines
Laser Cladding in Tool Manufacturing
Laser Cutting Machines
Laser Engraving
Micro Machining Systems
3D Printing Metals
Laser Marking for Auto, Medical, Packaging, Tools, Implants
3d-printing-metal/ 2 pages
Increasing cylinder head manufacturing productivity | InssTek
Metal surface coatings for orthopedic implants
register/ 3 pages
How IMP Works
IMP Examples
MarkUS Vision alignement
register/ 1 pages
MarkUS Vision alignement
laser-materials/ 21 pages
Laser Cutting and Marking Wood, Paper, Stone, Leather and Fabric
Films & Foils
Laser Marking Metal
Laser Cutting Metals
Laser Engraving Metals
Laser Cladding Metal
Laser Welding Metals
Laser Hardening
Commercially available 3D printing metal powders
Metal Cut Charts
Laser Welding Plastics
Marking & Engraving Plastics
Laser Cutting Plastics
Laser Marking and Engraving Glass
Laser Cutting Glass
Wafer Marking & Sorting
Laser Marking Films & Foils
laser-products/ 16 pages
Dot Marking, Deep Marking and Scratch Marking Machines from Couth
Laser Marking Machines & Systems
Laser Welding Systems from ALPHA LASER
Plastic Laser Welding
Laser Cutting Machines and Systems
Micro Machining from Swisstec
3D Laser Printing | Laser-aided Direct Metal Tooling (DMT)
Laser Hardening Systems
Laser Engraving Machines & Systems
Wafer Marking & Sorting Systems from Innolas
Laser Cladding Machines
Tailoring a Laser System Around You
Laser Safety Glasses & Goggles
MarkUS Laser Marking Software
The New Coherent Meta 2C
Laser Heat Treating and Surface Hardening
3d-laser-printing/ 6 pages
The MX 250 3D Laser Printer
MX 450 Laser-aided Direct Metal Tooling | 3D Laser printing and prototyping of Metals
Large 3D Printers that print metal | InssTek
MX 1000 3D Laser Printer | Laser metal alloy deposition for prototyping and printing
MX Grand Large 3D Laser Printer | Bespoke laser printing systems with 5kw fiber lasers
Medical 3D Laser Printing and Cladding
register/ 1 pages
Alpha Laser 2015 Brochure
register/ 4 pages
MC 2000 N
MC 2000 P
MC 2000 P+N
MC 2000 U
register/ 7 pages
IL 1000
IL1000 WMA
IL 2000
IL 2600
IL 3000 Plus
IL C3000
IL C3800
register/ 2 pages
Coherent Highlight D-Series
Coax 8 Cladding Nozzle
laser-cutting-machines/ 2 pages
Laser Cuttning Machines for Leather, Paper, Wood and other organics | Coherent
Laser Cutting Metals and Organic Materials | Coherent
register/ 4 pages
AC 300 F
register/ 1 pages
register/ 1 pages
Coherent Laser Cutting Brochure
register/ 2 pages
M2000B M3000B Engraving
Vario Series Engraving
register/ 2 pages
Mobile Laser Hardening
Coherent Highlight D-Series
laser-marking/ 7 pages
Standalone Laser marking workstations | FOBA
CO2 Laser Marking | Foba Laser
pulsed diode pumped Ytterbium fiber Laser marking sources | FOBA
Continuous Wave Diode Pumped Fiber Laser Marking
Nd:YAG Solid State Laser Marking Sources from FOBA
Ultra Violet Laser Marking | FOBA
Laser Marking Software | FOBA
register/ 4 pages
C.0101 & C.0301
register/ 2 pages
Y.0050-cw & Y.0100-cw
LF050-5 & LF050-10
register/ 6 pages
Y Series Lasers
LF100 LF200
register/ 2 pages
MarkUS Software
Intelligent Mark Positioning
register/ 2 pages
register/ 4 pages
M2000-B M3000-B
M2000-P M3000-P
Vario Series
register/ 1 pages
FOBA V.0020-uv
register/ 1 pages
Univet Safety Eyewear Catalogue
laser-welding-plastic/ 2 pages
Inline Plastic Welding Systems | LPKF
Stand Alone Laser Plastic Welding Systems from LPKF
register/ 1 pages
LPKF InlineWeld 1000
register/ 1 pages
register/ 4 pages
LPKF TwinWeld 3D
LPKF Power Weld 2000
LPKF Power Weld 3000
LPKF PrecisionWeld
laser-welding/ 4 pages
Mobile Laser Welding systems | Alpha Laser
Enclosed Laser Welding Workstations | Alpha Laser
Open Laser Systems | Alpha Laser
Welding tools and accessories | Alpha Laser
register/ 5 pages
ALW 300
ALS 100
VL 50
AL-SW 150
register/ 3 pages
ALFLAK mobile
ALM 200 & ALM 250
register/ 7 pages
AL series
AL-T Basis
AL-T 500
AL Tmicro
ALFlak Max
register/ 1 pages
RD Micro
register/ 2 pages
Multi Flexi Sheet
Multi Flexi Tube
laser-safety/ 4 pages
Laser Fume Extraction by BOFA
Use our Online Wizard to find the best options and prices for the laser safety glasses and goggles.
Use our Online Wizard to find the best options and prices for the laser safety windows to match your laser.
A guide to buying Laser Eye protection CE Ratings Optical Density
register/ 9 pages
Advantage PVC
AD2000 - AD4000
AD 250 - 350
Advantage 500, 1000, 1500
Advantage Access
Advantage BASE C180
Advantage Companions
Advantage Oracle
Advantage Oracle SA
laser-services/ 5 pages
Technical Support
Laser Maintenance
Laser Training
CO2 Laser Refill Service
Contract Laser Marking
register/ 9 pages
Water fittings
PC Hardware and Software
pdfs/ 6 pages
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policies/ 1 pages
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