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Save more than Downtime with a PM Contract

Planned Maintenance for your Laser System

TLM’s Planned Maintenance (PM) contracts are designed to make a difference. They’re not just a matter of our engineers popping round at intervals. They are designed as a way of plotting degradation in your system and finding items that are likely to fail in the not too distant future. These parts can then be replaced at the next PM visit before failure and the ensuing disruption to your production line.

With a PM contract, you can save money in several ways. For a start, if you do need an emergency callout, your PM contract provides preferential rates for such a visit. However, as mentioned, the whole point of our PM contracts is to avoid such instances.

With your planned maintenance contract TLM can effectively forecast breakdowns and prevent them happening. By testing and examining worn parts, we can put an estimated time on part failure and change the part at the PM visit – before it fails.Revenue stream protection

Your PM contract can dramatically reduce downtime. By doing so, it can save any impact on your revenue stream due to late orders or a stopped production line. 

Planned maintenance for laser machines

A laser machine or system breakdown can create a knock-on effect with people and other departments waiting for products and components to be laser processed before they can add their production element. 

A fortune saved

A relatively recent case history concerns an automotive manufacturer that relied heavily on just-in-time ordering

The company’s production line ran Monday-Friday allowing the TLM maintenance team to carry out PM work at weekends. During these visits, if any part was at end-of-life or even looked slightly worn or defective it was replaced there and then.

The reason for this diligence was unarguably financial. The company was manufacturing around 60 cars an hour at a rough cost of £10K per car. Hence any equipment malfunction creating a line stoppage would cost £600K an hour.

The car manufacturer had never more than 45 minutes worth of parts to hand. To operate successfully under such exacting conditions with literally only minutes of leeway meant that any late deliveries from suppliers were heavily penalised.

Such a penalty worked two ways. If the production line was halted and there was nowhere to stockpile parts, the suppliers had a reciprocal penalty clause for non-delivery. As a result, the £600K/hour cost could easily escalate into double even triple the sum.

Weeks, months or hours

TLM can customise your PM contract to best suit your needs whether you require one or multiple visits a year.

Your contract can also incorporate emergency call out cover to save you losing yet more valuable downtime raising a purchase order to request an engineer. All you have to do is pick up the phone and an engineer will be with your ASAP.

With a TLM PM contract, you can rely on us to spot any future problems and keep your downtime down to a minimum. For details and further information on a PM contract that best suits your requirements,  please contact