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Laser Systems Designed Around You

There are many instances where the laser is only one aspect of a customer’s industrial requirements. Even if the laser ticks all the boxes with regard to specification, there can still be major hurdles in integrating it into an existing production line. Our Custom Systems Capability Service provides bespoke solutions to help ensure that customer needs are met.

Tailor-made Material Processing

Material processing applications are often instances where there is rarely a simple off-the-shelf laser solution. The first consideration is to select the most appropriate laser source for the specific laser application – marking, cutting, welding, drilling or surface hardening.

Having selected the laser source, a bespoke system is designed with special regard to production throughput and quality standards. The design work necessary can be carried out using our own in-house facilities or, where necessary, we will involve our product partners and access their specialist expertise and resources.

High Throughput Systems

An example of where our bespoke service can provide solutions with high throughput and reduced operator involvement is in robot loading and unloading. We design multi-axis robot systems where the components are picked up by robot, their orientation checked and then loaded for laser processing.

Vision Systems

Robot systems usually work in conjunction with vision systems to improve quality and assist throughput. TLM can customise vision systems that ensure the right parts are loaded and correctly orientated. Additional cameras can be used to verify that laser marked codes are readable and carry the right information.


A pick-and-place system can often be the easiest way to load and unload the laser machine and meet production needs such as sheet feeding, lifting of awkward or fragile parts or the picking of components from a bowl feed output.

Other material processing solutions include CNC controlled systems (transferring components’ geometry into a standard format for process control), custom-made Class 1 laser enclosures, multi-axis laser systems and tailored software with database interaction.

Whatever your specific production requirement or material processing application, TLM can provide the system that is literally designed around you.

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