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TLM Apprentice Success

Stephanie applied for the position through the National Apprenticeship website and was taken on.

On working with Smart, director Andy Toms stated that “Smart provide a great support mechanism for our apprentices. The Apprentices really feel that they are achieving something positive and the qualifications make a real difference and increases motivation to achieve."

The Apprenticeship scheme requires and strong relationship with the advisor. Positive, active advisors who provide regular quality feedback is invaluable to a manager. Using modules to direct the training into specific areas is a great tool for our management.

TLM Apprentice Stempanie with Andy Toms and Lisa Leigh (Training Advisor)

Stephanie said she chose an Apprenticeship because;

“It’s the best way to learn a new skill learning on the job. I did sixth form and by the end of it I had had enough with the schooling system. I needed to go out there and work & learn rather than continue with college and university in a schooling environment.

I love working as part of a team that are so supportive and encouraging. In terms of the work I do, it’s the ability to be able to get on and complete order processing from start to finish and the fact there is always something new to learn.

I was so proud when my Level 3 Business Administration Certificate arrived as this is final proof now that I have achieved my Apprenticeship!”

Giving Apprentices an opportunity in your company gives you a perfect
platform to adapt the apprentice into your company’s business ethos. With direction from the Smart advisors they can assist in embedding core business principles to your Apprentices.

Watching your apprentice grow in confidence, stature and motivation is one of the most rewarding feelings in business and Stephanie was so excited about receiving her certificates!