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Customising the Front-end

A standard laser system front-end rarely has the means to eliminate what is the major cause of duplicates, scrap, delays and traceability issues. In other words, operator and human error is always a possibility if your system is delivered to its original manufacturer’s specification.

Human error takes many forms. Ignoring any deliberate act or violation, mistakes can range from a slip of the hand to a mathematical miscalculation, a misinterpretation of instructions to misdiagnosing a process error. Any mistake in the operator interaction with a laser can lead to the duplication of marks, an increase in scrap levels, production delays leading to customer relations problems and traceability issues.

production automation with Intelligent Mark Positioning
Automation with Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP)

Automation the Key

In the case of laser systems, the more automated the process, the more the source of potential problems (the human factor) is locked out. With more automation, there is less operator involvement making the production process more efficient especially with regard to changing parameters.

Productivity Boost

To increase your laser system’s efficiency and enhance productivity, TLM Laser offer a customised front-end software service – Custom Systems Capability. We will create customer specific plug-in software for you that match your production requirements including batching and log numbers. This could include a Dynamic Database that allows manufacturers to plot their production. The Database is fully flexible and can incorporate customer specific features such as marking components from the outset for traceability over the production process.

FOBA Integration

For FOBA laser marking system users, we can integrate FOBA’s patented IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) mark verification and alignment software into their system. Alternatively, you may require a straightforward adoption of front-end software to make the operator’s life easier and so avoid the mistakes that can occur through inputting data manually.

For details of TLM’s Custom Systems Capability and how we can create front-end software to meet your specific production requirements and increase your productivity, please contact