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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With an ultra-high precision linear motor module the BODOR i3 Linear makes for smoother and more precise fiber laser cutting. High position/repositioning accuracy is coupled with higher speed and acceleration for ultra precision cutting

Fiber Laser cutting machine

The machine’s ultra-high precision linear motor module greatly reduces friction while for extra stability at high speeds, the motor is mounted on a marble countertop which sits on a heavy and rugged carbon steel bed.


The i3 Linear laser is fully enclosed in a striking black cabinet that surrounds the working area and has a powerful exhaust system. This protects the operator from fumes and laser radiation to provide a safer working environment.

With a 600 x 600mm processing area space utilisation is further improved with an electric vertical lifting door.

Power Choice

The BODOR i3 Linear is available with a choice of 3000, 2000, 1500, 1000W laser power. High precision is provided by an X/Y axis repositioning accuracy of 0.004mm while the high speed comes with a maximum axis travel speed of 80m/min.

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Other Features include:

Intelligent travel protection

Automatically monitor the range of crossbeam and cutting parts to keep operation within machining range.

Auxiliary gas pressure alarm

Providing real-time pressure detection to ensure consistant cutting performance, accuracy and timeliness of gas replacement.

WIFI remote assistance

Global real-time feedback with fault analysis and troubleshooting.

New generation safety module

Maintaining laser head distance with the work piece during cutting process improves cutting performance and reduces the collision rate.

Automatic lubrication system

Providing lubricating oil to ensure normal and high speed operation. This system enhances cutting accuracy while extending the service life of the transmission mechanism.

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