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Laser Service – So Much More Than A Visit

To say a Laser Service Contract is a necessary evil is probably looking on the bright side of things. For many laser system customers, a laser contract is considered nothing short of a rip-off – something that laser companies and manufacturers force them to have and for which they can find no value.

Put another way, if you have a gas boiler it has to be serviced yearly. But all that usually happens is the engineer comes round, opens up the casing, vacuums up the dust and then charges not far from £100 for it.

Protecting Your Investment

With a TLM Laser Maintenance Contract, an engineer will indeed visit you. We offer bespoke contracts so, depending on your needs it may be one or multiple visits throughout the year. 

From visit one onwards, we will build a service history of your laser. If things do go wrong, we will use this history to help isolate the fault, saving downtime spent in diagnosis. However, the main benefit in building a service history in is allowing us to make predictive repairs – to take precautions before the fault happens.

A service history involves creating benchmarks with regard to the laser machine and its components’ condition, wear and performance. If there is unusual deterioration in any of these areas, it can be tracked as a problem and replacement parts fitted as part of a routine maintenance visit rather than as an emergency repair. 

Not Just the Laser

Our service engineers’ work does not solely revolve around your laser. Despite our engineers’ experience, expertise and training, nobody knows more about how your laser’s performance than the person who operates it day in, day out.

That’s why we make a point of building a close relationship with our customers and their operators. By talking to all concerned with the laser and using our servicing benchmarks, we can accumulate an in-depth knowledge of your system and its performance, so that any deviations from the norm can be acted on before there is a problem.

A TLM PM contract is designed to best suit your needs. As well as PM visits it can incorporate emergency callout cover. If a problem occurs, all you have to do is pick up the phone and the next available engineer will be with you ASAP. As a contract customer, you’ll also receive lower, preferential rates on emergency calls compared to our standard hourly charges.

To prolong the life of your laser and minimise potential downtime, contact to discuss a service contract that’s specifically designed round you.