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Mobile Laser Welding

Alpha Laser produces several machines with a track option that means that you can move them with ease either on site in your own prioduction facilities or to client sites to effect repairs and other welding and hardening jobs there.

Now, with the amazing new AL ARM you can do fixed speed wire fed welding by hand,

  • compact mobiule laser welding


    The AL-CROSS: Robust, user-oriented, mobile and powerful. The fiber laser is powerful, 450W of constant laser power in either pulsed or in CW mode.It fits through standard doors and with its transport height of 1.25 m. ...

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  • Laser welding systems ALM 200 and ALM 250

    ALM 200, 250 and 300

    Suitable for joining and deposit-welding on moulds, chassis and mechanical parts of any size, particularly for big moulds...

    ALM 200, 250 and 300 »

  • Laser welding ALFLAK System


    Flexible Laser for deposit and contour welding. Operated either manually or is programmable, with a slim line arm making it ideal for difficult molds. A long axis range allows for seams of up to 500m to be completed without interruption. Available with or without caterpillar track, incredible maneuverability, yet still strong and robust....

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  • ALFlak Max laser

    ALFlak Max

    This laser is perfect for very big molds due to its particularly long and stable laser arm, with a range of almost 2.80m. Available with caterpillar tracks or adapted for forklift or pallet truck transport....

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  • Laser welding ALFlak Fiber

    ALFlak fiber

    A mobile laser and repair welder with an extended reach and large travelling range allowing deeper and more complex shapes. Available in both a self propelled caterpillar tracked model or moved manually....

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  • Mobile laser welding machine

    ALFlak 500

    By integrating the 500 W laser into the ALFlak housing, mobility has been significantly increased and the system can be loaded by just one person....

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