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Time Saving, Abrasive-free Cleaning

Our product partners, 4JET, specialise in providing laser equipment for tyre makers and automotive OEMs. The company’s solutions include surface cleaning, coating removal and part marking systems.

With its portable, handheld JETLASER, 4JET answers the industrial cleaning needs of a wide range of market sectors in particular the automotive, aerospace and plastics industries.

Mould rust build-up

Laser cleaning car tyre

When rust builds-up on a mould, cleaning becomes essential. With traditional cleaning methods including emery paper, sanders and branded abrasive products, it’s not just the rust but the mould material itself that is removed. As a result, mould integrity is compromised leading to inaccuracies in the moulded part.

Damage to the mould is not the only downside. Cleaning a mould with traditional methods is a job that can take weeks.

With JETLASER, a pulsed laser is focussed on the unworked residue in a very small area. A maximum pulse power of a few million watts is repeatedly “blasted” onto the residue so that the surface is gradually cleaned pulse by pulse, restoring the mould to its original rust-free state.

Not only does the mould retain its integrity, the whole process can be carried out in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods. In fact, in one recent case, a mould cleaning job that previously took two weeks was done in just 40 minutes!

Range of applications

The JETLASER is an extremely flexible and versatile cleaning system. As well as removing rust from tools, parts and moulds, it can be used for stripping paint and other forms of coatings such as varnish.

Because it can remove virtually all forms of dirt and grime including oil and grease, it is also an ideal means of cleaning and preparing surfaces prior to other processes such as welding, glueing and coating.

Manual or robot integrated

The JETLASER is available in four power levels ranging from 100W to 2 KW.

JETLASER M is optimised for manual use. It’s based on two-handed operation for more comfortable processing and is ergonomically designed for safety. Extremely lightweight, it is powered by fiber coupled, maintenance-free solid state lasers integrated with a rugged mobile supply unit.

The JETLASER R offers identical specifications but is designed for integration with a robot.

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