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Laser Medical Marking

Medical Device and Implant Marking

Traceability is one of the essential requirements of the medical sector. Precision is another. Laser medical marking fulfils this and other requirements.

UDI Laser Marking: UDI or Unique Device Identification requires some types of medical devices and packaging to be marked with information such as date codes, batch numbers, expiry dates and serial numbers. Laser marking provides the most reliable direct part marking available, providing the high contrast details to ensure maximum traceability. TLM Laser offer a wide range of laser marking solutions for the contamination-free, non-distorting, indelible marking including:

  • marking medical devices
  • marking medical implants
  • medical instrument marking

Medical Marking of supplies medical marking Medical marking

Medical Marking - Supplies and Pharmaceutical

TLM Laser supply, deliver and install Alltec-FOBA’s range of flexible and fast marking systems for packaging. With our extensive experience of the medical industry, we can help you find the optimum laser marking system for your application – whether it is blister packs for disposable syringes or jars for OTC medicines.

Our product partner Alltec-FOBA’s IMP technology uses a combination of integrated (through the lens) vision and single platform software to ensure unbeatable laser marking accuracy.

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Intelligent Marking Positioning (IMP)

IMP consistently provides top quality medical marking and produces a measurable reduction in the number of defective products. Laser systems with IMP can:

  • Increase product throughput by more than 200%
  • Reduce costs by 70%
  • Improve quality by a factor of 4
  • Reduce waste by 90%
  • Improve operator efficiency by a factor of 3

Point & Shoot™

The Point & Shoot™ (through the lens) camera system is used to manually position the marking required. The system views the marking area, creates an image of the product and then displays it on the user interface. Through ‘drag and drop’, the operator can then place the mark exactly where it’s required.

Product benefits of Point & Shoot™:

  • Uncompromising precision 
  • Reduction of scrap 
  • More economic efficiency and productivity 
  • Consistent premium-quality processing 

Camera-guided laser marking reduces the number of defective products and provides higher degrees of economic efficiency and productivity. 

To find out if your laser system could benefit from IMP, contact TLM Laser by email at or call +44 (0) 1527 959 099. 

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Laser Safety

TLM Laser supplies BOFA Laser Fume Extraction systems and Univet safety glasses. So we can not only deliver the optimum laser solution, we can help ensure the safety of all those who work with and operate laser systems.