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No laser? We’ll do the marking for you

It could be that your laser marking requirements are so intermittent that investing in a laser seems an unnecessary expense. Alternatively, you’ve just ordered a laser but with lead times sometimes as long as 12 weeks, you need to start marking now. Whatever, if you have a short term need for your products to be marked, TLM is here to fill the gap.

Laser marking car components

Virtually any material

TLM Laser offers a contract laser marking service for most everyday industrial materials. These include aluminium, silicon, stainless steel, titanium, carbide and several plastics.

TLM was founded in 2006 so with that wealth of experience in the market, you can expect a level of quality and accuracy over and above any job shop.

The first time you use our services, our in-house facilities will save the details of your application to hard disc. The next time you need our service, your job requirements will be straight to hand, ensuring an even faster turnaround.

Meeting specialist marking needs

Along with everyday marking needs such as serialisation, date codes, barcodes (including Data Matrix and UID variant), our contract laser marking workshop can mark or engrave your product with virtually any design requirement.

Through our experience and expertise, we can meet highly specialised and sophisticated laser marking needs. For instance, we recently completed a project for 500 touch screens. This involved utilising a laser ablation process to remove a portion of the screens’ glass.

Other examples of our specialist marking applications include:

If you are currently without a laser or struggling to meet an unexpected demand or simply have an ad hoc marking need, please contact We’ll provide the fast and efficient service you’re looking for at an extremely cost-effective price.