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Affordable Top Spec Laser Marking

Our product partners, FOBA, are recognised experts and leaders in laser marking and engraving. With the introduction of the Y.0200-S 20W fiber laser, FOBA’s renowned expertise and support for laser marking and engraving becomes accessible to virtually all – thanks to its unbelievably low price. 

Compact and easy to integrate

The FOBA Y.0200-S offers a choice of two marking heads. The 6mm head is for high speed production with a marking speed of up to 1,300 characters a second. The 10mm is for fine detail parts marking and can mark at 1000 characters a second but, as with the 6mmm head, this does depend on the application. 

FOBA Y.0200-S 20W fiber laser

A flexible and proven hardware/software platform ensures simple and seamless integration with production lines as well as OEM machines. Ease of integration is assisted further by a multilingual user interface and, for the laser itself, a dovetail joint mounting interface. 

Wide range of applications 

The FOBA Y.0200-S is a powerful laser, providing manufacturers with a considerable amount of marking and mounting versatility. It is ideally suited for demanding production schedules, especially in the electronics, automotive, tools and metal industries. 

It delivers reliable marking results on a variety of metals, plastics and other hard-to-mark materials. From engraving to high contrast colour change, materials removal to annealing, the FOBA Y.0200-S applies complex variable data (ID matrix/bar cords, logos, characters, serial numbers, individual data) on moving or static products. 

Uncompromising marking quality is ensured through a host of features including powerful software supports, superior digital high speed scanners, the two marking heads and two beam orientations (straight-out and 90º).

Low maintenance, high uptime 

A combination of short set-up times and its air-cooled, high efficiency, maintenance-free fiber laser source cuts downtime to an absolute minimum. 

Uptime can be maximised yet further and costs reduced with the laser user interface, FOBA Go. This browser-based interface allows for PC independent stand-alone operation. Working with the FOBA Y.0200-S, it’s the perfect interface for simple marking jobs and with remote connectivity laser Marking on the Fly (MOTF). 

For further details of the FOBA Y.0200-S, the low-priced, high performance solution to demanding production schedules,  please contact