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Laser Marking Machines

fobaFOBA Laser Marking Systems

For stand-alone operation in laser class 1 we offer turn-key laser marking machines as manual work stations or customised solutions.

Laser marking systems of the Vario series are modular designed and can be equipped according to your requirements with different working areas. Starting from a fixed work table with a pneumatic lifting door to a rotating table with a turning bulkhead wall or customer-specific special marking machine.

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Our laser marking systems are supplemented by a wide selection of accessories and options and the laser control software FOBAGRAF.

Laser marking is ideal for:

MarkUS Laser Marking Software

MarkUS is FOBA‘s graphic design and high-performance laser marking software for the convenient creation of high quality and highly precise laser markings. MarkUS is compatible with the majority of FOBA’s laser marking systems and machines, and is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Other languages such as Chinese will follow soon.

FOBA Laser Systems

Foba M series

The new FOBA M Series laser marking video

Optimum Laser Marking

Based on your requirements we design your optimum laser marking unit. Also see Contract Laser Marking

FOBA Laser Machine Data Sheets




  • FOBA laser workstations

    Standalone Laser Marking Systems

    TLM supplies a wide variety of standalone workstations manufactured by FOBA....

    Standalone Laser Marking Systems »

  • co2 laser source LC500

    CO2 Laser Marking

    Though they've been around since 1964 CO2 Lasers remain one of the most powerful continuous wave lasers. Foba provides many variants of these laser sources that are suitable for marking and engraving through TLM....

    CO2 Laser Marking »

  • y.0100 fiber laser source

    Pulsed Fiber Laser Marking

    FOBA produces pulsed diode pumped fiber Laser marking sources. With pwers from 2 to 50 Watts and wavelengths of 1,060 to 1,070 nm. ...

    Pulsed Fiber Laser Marking »

  • continuous wave sources

    Continuous Wave Fiber Laser Marking

    FOBA produces continuous wave diode pumped fiber Laser marking sources. With powers from 5 to 10 Watts at a lambda of 1,070 nm. ...

    Continuous Wave Fiber Laser Marking »

  • Titus laser marking head

    Titus Laser Marking Head

    At 41mm x 205mm, the FOBA Titus is the smallest high-performance laser marking head in the world, capable of marking at up to 2,000 characters per second....

    Titus Laser Marking Head »

  • Foba Ultra Violet Laser Sources

    Ultra Violet Laser Marking

    High contrast lasers that mark the surface of materials photochemically minimising heat shock and giving next to no change in the materials mechanical properties. Hence these lasers are suitable for marking the most sensitive of medical and aviation products....

    Ultra Violet Laser Marking »

  • Day Night Marking on console

    Laser Marking Workflow Videos

    Day and Night (D & N) marking using Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP): FOBA Mosaic™ - Marking without fixtures with side identification: FOBA Vision System: - Reduction of scrap, costs, operator input errors...

    Laser Marking Workflow Videos »

  • Laser marking software

    Laser Marking Software

    FOBA has excellent software to support your marking process ensuring that your marks are in the right place and that that fact is verified automatically. ...

    Laser Marking Software »