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The Cutting Edge in Fiber Lasers

TLM have recently teamed up with BODOR laser and now distribute the company’s high precision fiber laser cutting machines throughout the UK and Ireland. 

As a product partner based in China, BODOR is a first for TLM. However, when it comes to certification and meeting international standards, the company is more than equal to many of our long-standing European partners.

The company’s products meet EN standards and have German TÜV approval. International quality certification includes CE/FDA/ISO9001/SGS etc..

Flat-bed Lasers 

By volume sales, BODOR is the no.1 manufacturer of laser cutting machines worldwide.

The company specialises in a wide range of flat-bed laser cutting and tube processing systems. The emphasis is on high power with an accompanying high level of accuracy. Processing areas range from 600x600mm up to 4m x 2m for flat-bed systems and up to 6.5m for tube processing.

Quality Commitment

An example of BODOR’s commitment to quality combined with technical innovation is the i3 Linear.

Bodor Laser cutting machine i3

The “Linear” title refers to the machine’s ultra-high precision linear motor module. With no mechanical contact there’s little friction which means smoother movement, high position and reposition accuracy, faster seeds and greater acceleration.

For extra stability at high speeds, the motor is mounted on a marble countertop which in turn sits on a heavy and rugged carbon steel bed.

Space saving safety

  • The i3 Linear laser is enclosed in a striking, all black fully enclosed cabinet that surrounds the working area.
  • This isolates the operator from fumes and laser radiation providing a safe working environment.
  • With a processing area of just 600x600mm, space utilisation is further enhanced by an electric vertical lifting door.

Laser cutting machine safety door

Choice of power

The BODOR i3 Linear is available with a choice of laser power: 3000/2000/1500/1000W. High precision comes with an X/Y axis repositioning accuracy of 0.004mm. High speed comes with a maximum axis travel speed of 80m/min.

The system is also available with options on laser sources from IPG or Maxphotonics. Other features available include an auto-focus laser head with auto-crash protection.

For details of the BODOR i3 Linear and information on the BODOR range of flat-bed laser cutting and tube processing systems, please visit