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Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Laser Sources

FOBA produces pulsed diode pumped fiber Laser marking sources, the pulsing allows higher power outputs than continuous wave. With powers from 2 to 50 Watts and wavelengths of 1,060 to 1,070 nm.

  • Foba Y Series Marking Lasers

    Y Series Lasers

    Compact easy to integrate capable high speed and very precise fiber marking lasers. Powers range from 2W to 100W. Pulsed and continuous wave fiber options are available. Ytterbium Fiber offers a source for a huge range of materials and applications from plastics to matals and automotive to medical....

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  • Output power 50 Watt (CW)


    Basic diode pumped systems are suitable for universal use in machine work - places, manufacturing lines or special machines...

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