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Why MIG or TIG Can’t Beat Laser Welding

If the welding job is structural and is a heavy-duty application, then a MIG or a TIG weld will complete the task satisfactorily.

Of course, the use of the insert gas and other consumables to achieve this may be costly. Dexterity and skill will be required which calls for an experienced, well-paid welder. The significant amount of heat produced can cause distortion in the workpiece. It can also change the structure of the metal resulting in a weakness in the weld. The process is also susceptible to contamination.

 Apart from that…

Less heat the better

Laser welding is now the first choice in many industries because as the laser beam is so focussed less heat is required.

This lower temperature brings a wide range of benefits that MIG or TIG welding cannot match.

Laser welding

Heat transfer to the workpiece is minimal meaning the metallurgical structure is less affected and the quality of the weld is higher.

Because the beam is so small, laser welding is far more accurate – welds of 100µ or even smaller can be achieved.

Small pulses of heat create the weld, providing a higher quality finish that is stronger with a superior depth to width ratio.

More metals to work with

Metals that are suitable for MIG or TIG welding are relatively limited compared to the variety and range that laser welding can process. High strength materials such as stainless steel, titanium and aluminium as well as precious, pliable metals such as gold and silver and even dissimilar metals can all be welded by laser.

In fact, because laser welds are so much more accurate, the quality so high and the strength so superior,  it is the ideal choice for fine components.

Go anywhere welding

Further downsides to MIG and TIG welding are their lack of portability and unsuitability for welding outdoors.

Due to the liquidity of the weld, it’s virtually impossible to use a welding gun or tungsten electrode in a vertical or overhead position.

Our product partners, Alpha Laser, are developers and manufacturers of a wide range of laser welding solutions. The company is also a pioneer in the field of mobile welding.

Taking the ALFlak system as an example, this mobile laser system is available with a self-propelled caterpillar track or can be moved manually. It’s laser arm has a working area range with a lowest point of 200mm to a highest of 1500mm. With such flexibility, even deep or complex moulds can be repaired with welding seams of up to 500mm without relocation.

For further information about the Alpha Laser range of enclosed and open laser systems and the ALFlak range of mobile welding systems, please contact