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Laser Hardening

Any type of ferrous metal such as steel or cast iron which could be hardened by traditional methods like flame or induction hardening, can be hardened with a Laser. Laser Hardening is more versatile than flame hardening or induction hardening.

  • Laser hardening of metals

    Laser Heat Treating

    Heat treating and hardening a surface with a laser is simple. Point the laser, heat the surface and let it cool. HighLight D-Series laser technology is ideal for performing laser-transformation hardening in a manufacturing environment because of the: superior heat treat characteristics, flexibility of the process, compatibility with a lean manufacturing environment, fast cycle time for processing the parts. ...

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  • Mobile laser Hardening

    Mobile Laser Hardening

    Making the hardening process mobile gives you the chance to take the hardening to any mould in the production line so that it doesn't need to be taken out of workflow and can be back producing quickly. If down time costs money then the amount you can save with this technology is significant....

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  • laser hardening ailu article

    Hardening in Tool Manufacture

    In principle, the advantages of using laser technology for surface treatment in tool making and mould construction have been known since the mid 1980┬┤s, when the transfer of laser hardening technology from university research into industrial application began.However, industrial implementation was hindered by high investment costs, limited acceptance by toolmakers and the absence of industrial system technology to implement it. ...

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  • Laser hardening in mechanical engineering

    Hardening in Mechanical Engineering

    Laser Hardening in mechanical engineering has myriad applications. Here is a schematic to show some examples where laser hardening could be introduced into your process. Whether it be printing and packaging, Drive Engineeering, textile machines, plant and construction engineering or machine tools....

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