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Titus Laser Marking

At 41mm x 205mm, the FOBA Titus is the smallest laser marking head in the world.

But this is a true high performance laser with excellent beam quality and marking results on a range of materials from metals to plastics - marking at up to 2,000 characters per second.

Titus laser marking head

Titus™ features include:

  • straight (0°) and turned (90°) beam exit
  • 3m and 10m fiber laser umbilical
  • clamp'n go laser head brackets
  • integrated focus finder for speedy focus adjustment
  • short working distances
  • IP65/IP69 scan head protection

The 10m fiber laser umbilical for the 30W laser is unique, allowing previously unattainable flexibility for laser positioning . Couple this with with three easy-to-use and easy-to-connect interfaces and you have a laser marking system that is amazingly small and very easy to integrate:

FOBA MarkUS – for more complex laser marking jobs
FOBA Draw – for general jobs and marking on the fly (MOTF)
FOBA Go – for simple jobs and MOTF with remote connectivity

Standard communication protocols allow for easy connection to customer software.

Super quick laser marking

Titus laser marking from FOBA

With the integrated focus finder and pilot laser,  Titus™ can be set up in a fraction of time and can mark up to 2,000 characters per second. Excellent beam and marking quality and on all common materials with a laser head that is just 41mm x 205mm.

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Marking features
Marking heads → CFS – straight out (0°) beam exit
→ CFT – turned (90°) beam exit
3 precision optics for focusing (S, M, L)
Marking fields 3 marking fields per marking head (S, M, L)
Marking speed* Up to 2,000 characters/sec.
Type → Pulsed Ytterbium fiber laser, 20 W and 30 W
→ Pulse frequency range 1 kHz – 400 kHz
→ Wavelength within 1,040 – 1,090 nm
Laser class 4 (acc. to IEC 60825-1)