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Laser Cutting

Lasers can cut a wide variety of industrial materials of varying thickness to just about any shape. Quick, clean, accurate and adaptable, laser cutting is the preferred method for many businesses across a wide range of industries.

Materials we can laser cut are:

  • stainless steel up to 3mm (dependant on source used)
  • Aluminium up to 2mm (dependant on source used)
  • mild steel up to 6mmwood
  • textiles, organics (leather, cork, wax, etc) plastics and wood up to 25mm

As well as labels, signs, paper, cardboard, composites, flexible circuits .......the list goes on!

Industrial laser cutting machines can:

  • cut almost any shape imaginable with the highest flexibility
  • produce small kerfs of only 0.15mm
  • cut fine details and the smallest pieces with the highest precision
  • allow to produce inlays without gaps
  • avoid burning or breaking
  • save costs due to much less waste of material

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