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Is Dot Marking Right For You?

Like laser marking systems, dot marking machines can be used to stamp traceability information onto a variety of materials. Unlike a laser, it’s not a beam of light that’s used but a sharpened carbide pin stylus. The marks are made by tracing and incising a series of micro-dots at an adjustable impact force. Text, logos and 2D matrix bar codes can be deeply engraved and made to last in the harshest of manufacturing environments.

Dot marking machineDot marking is a ruggedly simple process so it is ideal for less sophisticated applications and for low volume products, for example marking truck bodies. Dot marking systems can be used on plastics and wood but are primarily used on metals. Workpieces that are extremely hard (including hardened steel up to 65Hrc), uneven or flat or curved can all be marked without experiencing high stresses of deformations.

Pneumatic or Electric Options

Dot marking machines can be pneumatically or electrically driven.
Pneumatic systems
use air pressure to drive the stylus down into the material. Adjusting the air pressure entering the system increases or decreases the marking depth, with the system moving up and down at between 80 to 100 times per second. Pneumatic systems deliver deeper, smoother looking marks at a faster marking speed than their electrical counterparts.

However, electric systems provide a useful alternative, especially for low stress marks and where a pneumatic pump and the associated equipment and hoses are not practical,.

TLM Laser is the exclusive distributor for Couth MC 2000 systems in the UK and Ireland. The basic MC 2000 system consists of three interconnected elements:

  • a marking unit
  • a control unit
  • a push button station for on/pause/off commands

These base elements then break down into a wide range of permutations including benchtop, portable, mixed mode and integratable marking machines with an additional choice of marking area – from 50x17mm to 200x35mm.

For more information regarding the dot marking process, its suitability regarding your specific production needs and for full details of the Couth MC 2000 range, please contact