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Laser Micro Machining

Laser micro machining is the manufacture of tiny parts measured in millimeters or micrometers.  Pulsed Fiber lasers use very precise amounts of energy to remove closely defined amounts of material.  Depending on the mode the laser can drill, ablate cut or scribe.


Laser micro drilling creates holes that are important features for many applications – via holes for wafers, medical cannulae, or microchannels for fluids.

Machining & Laser Micro Milling

Micro Milling is the machining process which involves the removal of material to a specified depth, creating a variety of relief features such as grooves, slots and profiles, without actually cutting through the material. This technique is used frequently in the medical and electronics industries.

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    Micro machining systems

    TLM are the UK partner for Swisstec AG - designers and builders of high-end, laser machining systems for precision cutting, drilling and welding of micro parts....

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