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Component Marking for the Auto Industry

Laser marking for the Automotive industry Modern vehicles contain thousands of individual components. Many need to carry a specific part number, so it is vital to use accurate and efficient coding and marking equipment. Suppliers of the smallest auto parts as well as vehicle manufacturers rely on the correct coding for component traceability throughout the auto assembly process and beyond.

Creating Auto Part Traceability

The auto industry requires information to be printed onto components at the various stages of production, so coding and marking equipment must be able to meet the many demands of automotive manufacturers.

Laser marking is ideal for creating traceability and tamper-proof identification of motor components or complete vehicles.  There are hundreds of parts in every car and as virtually any material can be laser marked there is normally a solution for every requirement. Some of the most established automotive part marking applications are:

  • Gearbox component marking
  • VIN plates and identification labels
  • Vehicle glass security code etching
  • Display marking for instruments & switches
  • 2D matrix marking of motor sport components

Day/Night Marking

Day night marking on vehicle rocker switch

The application of day-night marking can be seen in just about all modern vehicles. Dashboards that utilise day/night marking are easy to read during the day, while at night all instruments and controls are illuminated to provide a visible, well-lit panel that produces little or no glare - enough to light up the dashboard but not the interior of the car. See our Blog for more details.

FOBA Products

As suppliers of FOBA products, TLM Laser offer a wide range of system solutions for virtually every automotive component marking application, metal or plastic. Alltec-FOBA fibre, Nd: YAG or CO2 laser marking machines are among the fastest in their respective classes. Part marking products that are flexible, simple to integrate and renowned for their reliability and low maintenance. Check out all our Stand Alone Marking machines.