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Mobile, Tablet or Desktop - Our Website is Made for You.

Visitors to the TLM Laser website using mobile phones and tablets have more than doubled every year since 2010. In fact, in some years visitors using these devices almost trebled. The TLM Laser website was launched six years ago and we’ve been proud of its usability and design ever since. However, it is here for everyone to navigate and enjoy and that’s why we’ve made some changes.

TLM Laser on iPhone and iPad

 Desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet user, you can now use the new TLM Laser website without encountering any problems whatsoever. The text is a readable size whatever your device and the links do not require the tiniest of fingers to activate your touchscreen.

So all the information you want about TLM, our partners and their products is still there for you. But now it’s in a usable format to suit any handheld or desktop device that’s designed to access the web. With mobile and tablet access set to double every year for the next five years, you could say the arrival of our new website is rather good timing!