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JETLASER M100 – The Swiss Knife of Laser Cleaning

The JETLASER M100 for the complete range of laser cleaning and surface treatment, including:

  • De-oiling, paint and rust removal
  • Tool and mold cleaning
  • Restoration and facade cleaning
  • Cleaning of welding seams
  • Pretreatment before material testing

Tool cleaning Paint stripping Pre-welding preparation

Convincing properties

  • Quiet
  • Precise
  • Gentle to substrate
  • Dust-free and without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals
  • With operating costs of less than 1US$ per hour 

Setting new standards

  • Easy selection of parameters – from low energy density for de-oiling to removing heavy rust or mill scale with maximum fluence
  • Choice of optimized cleaning patterns such as Stadium, Circle or Infinity mode
  • Compact design for transport in a car
  • 5m fiber for mobility on site
  • 220 V connection – no need for compressed air, water or other media
  • Maintenance-free all-fiber technology
  • IPC control with interfaces for external automation or safety circuits
  • Extensive accessories for laser protection and carrying comfort
  • Designed and Manufactured in Germany

Unbeatable economy

  • Operating costs of less than £1 per hour
  • Monthly charge from financing or leasing approx. £1,000
  • Potentially eligible for subsidies to replace energy-intensive alternative processes such as dry ice or washing machines

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