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Align and Verify Your Laser Marks - Automatically

Can your laser marking system check part alignment and offset the mark accordingly?

The FOBA M-Series new generation range of laser markers sets new standards in process reliability and economic laser materials processing. There are three housing sizes in the range - the compact M1000 and the advanced M2000 and M3000 with intelligent image technology. The M2000 and M3000 sizes are available in three models – B: with work table, R: with rotary table and P: with X/Y/Z axis.

FOBA M Series Laser marking machine

The compact M1000 laser marker is ideally suited for manufacturers with low volume requirements or with premises where space is at a premium. It comes with a programmable Z-axis, a small work table and a wide and smoothly opening door for easy loading and unloading. The M1000 is productive, flexible and ergonomic. However, its big brothers the M2000 and M3000 take these benefits even further – and more!

Ultimate Precision and Process Reliability

Both the M2000 and M3000 series laser markers are rigid polymer concrete workstations. The workstations’ polymer concrete slab is float mounted on the machine frame. As a result,  they are insensitive to temperature variations and external vibrations ensuring absolute reliability and stability.

These laser workstations can process small, large and geometrically complex workpieces as well as batches and small series. They benefit from small footprints, are easily integrated into existing processes and are ergonomically designed for maximum ease of use.

Laser marking

FOBA’s vision alignment and verification system, IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) ensures that all marks and processes are executed precisely and repeated accurately. This patented camera system automatically detects workpieces and their position and adjusts the marking/engraving accordingly. For instance, if a workpiece is missing from a tray of components, the system will register the absence and continue serialising the remainder. The system also detects changes in part geometry or position and can spot defective or faulty components. In these instances, processing is realigned automatically or where a part is rejected, skipped entirely ensuring less scrap and mismarked components.

The IMP feature provides both pre-mark and post-mark verification. Pre-mark verification prevents over marking already marked parts. Post-marking verification validates marking accuracy and helps check for poor contrast due to changes in laser performance or material characteristics.

Precision, reliability, flexibility, efficiency and ergonomics – all in one range of laser markers. If you find that hard to believe, come and see the range in action on the TLM Laser stand no. T86 at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show, 21-23 March at FIVE, Farnborough, Hants.

If you can’t make the show or want more details on the FOBA M-Series beforehand, please contact us at or see our range of laser marking machines.