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Fiber Laser Technology with AL F

Alpha Laser’s new system combines the advantages of laser welding with fiber laser technology.

Our product partner and welding specialist Alpha Laser has introduced its very first fiber laser system. The AL F is a 600 Watt fiber laser welding system with a choice of laser heads for different welding applications. It’s built for precision welding and, of course, offers all the advantages of a fiber laser system.

fibre laser welding

Reduced Power Consumption

In laser welding, a flash lamp pump laser is often the preferred choice giving high peak energy and a robust performance. The new Alpha Laser AL F fiber laser system provides ample power and all the cost saving benefits that come with fiber technology. Most impressive of these is the reduction in power consumption. Compared to conventional CO2 and nd:YAG laser systems, fiber lasers are around 20x more efficient in reducing energy costs.

Through the Line Savings

With a fiber laser, running costs are cut all round. The average diode life for a CO2 and nd:YAG diode is approximately 10-20,000 hours. Fiber lasers have a diode life expectancy of 50-100,000 hours. There’s less maintenance too with no lamps to replace or mirrors to change or align. No consumables to purchase either – no gases are required.

Fiber lasers are more compact – as the small sized Alpha Laser AL F clearly demonstrates so less valuable floor space is used. The AL F is, like all fiber laser systems, quick and easy to install and start up, reducing production downtime.

As we’ve mentioned in our BLOG previously, laser welding systems are very much the flavour of the day. When the advantages of laser welding – precision, versatility and time saving – are combined with those of fiber laser, all the signs are that Alpha Laser’s AL F is going to enjoy considerable success.

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