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New Ultrafast 100-Watt Fiber Laser Marking Solution

FOBA has announced the introduction of a new 100 Watt fiber laser marking machine.

The Y.1000 is ideal for high performance and high speed laser marking with more than a 40%* increase in speed and throughput. Coupled with the Y.1000 basic rail system FOBA believe this to be; "our most powerful laser marking solution". The system is designed for highly demanding laser marking and engraving applications on a varueity of robust metals and plastics.  

Y.1000 fibre laser marking machine

This small but extremely powerful 100 Watt fiber laser applies clear, crisp marks on resistant materials that permanently withstand even the toughest conditions. This is why FOBA believe the Y.1000 is very well suited for marking automobile parts and aerospace components. The Y.1000 will happily handle marking parts that are exposed to high stresses and strains, such as engine and powertrain parts, transmission components and hard plastic products such as cable or extrusion parts.

The fast line speeds meet the highest demands for increased throughput, manufacturing efficiency and productivity while maintaining the reliable marking quality.

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*Based on a sample application comparison Y.0500 vs. Y.1000