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New High-performance Laser Marking Software from FOBA

FOBA have announced the launch of MarkUS 2.12, an enhanced version of their high-performance laser marking software which could be a game changer in the industry.

A common challenge that the industry faces is aligning laser marks to large objects. Vision systems have provided significant improvement by using through the lens vision (TTLV) systems or with an external camera. Through the lens vision has been the predominant option as as it has proven to be highly performant. TTVL systems can align laser marks accurately to a part regardless of its position as long as it is visible within the limited field of view (FOV) of the camera. External cameras can provide a large imaging area to handle large parts but because of the perspective view they can be limited to thin parts a few millimeters in height.

Mosaic laser marking Software

To address the issues of marking large parts easily and accurately, FOBA have developed a solution that simulates an external camera view using a TTLV solution called 'Mosaic'. 'Mosaic' combines multiple images that create a virtual external camera that is built-in to the optics of the laser.

The Benefits of Mosiac:

Parts can be as large as the laser's marking field.
Parts can be almost any height.
The placement and orientation of the parts are almost unlimited.
The placement repeatability of the laser mark can be as little as ±0.5 mm.
The use of vision is much easier and simpler.

For Mosiac Users this Means:

A more forgiving technology since parts don't have to be placed in fixtures.
A significant reduction in the engineering, design and management of tooling.
Operators do not require lengthy training to operate the equipment.
Less fixtures and tooling means there is limited inventory to manage, lower operation costs and more savings.

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