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Part Modification with Vision Alignment

Modifying a previously processed or patterned part is no straightforward matter. Cutting precision can be impacted by the performance of the system. However, a greater obstacle is in the dimensional deviations that can exist in the previous patterned or processed layers.

Performing an alignment to compensate for the angle, scale and skew discrepancies and put the cuts exactly through the fiducials can prove to be impossible. This could mean scrapping a part that has already been inventoried and may well be expensive.

Precision part alignment

Our product partners, IPG, have developed a 2-D laser cutting system, Laser Cube. This high speed, flat-bed fiber laser cutting tool offers a Vision Alignment System option.

Laser cutter

The Visual Alignment System performs an alignment that matches the previous pattern prior to cutting. As a result, it eliminates errors caused by dimensional deviation and increases part yield.

The alignment process is fully automated and can be programmed to be performed   in a manner appropriate for the job. This can take the form of a single sheet-level alignment all the way to individual part registration. 

Whatever the pre-processed part

Because it is easy to programme for each job type, the system enables the highest laser cut accuracy for any pre-patterned or pre-processed parts.

No fixtures are necessary with the Vision Alignment System. Parts are cut and modified on the machine.

An example of the sort of modified part the Vision Alignment System can be programmed to handle is a printed overlay on a sheet of aluminium that is to be affixed to a gas cylinder. With the system, the holes would not only be cut to the right size but with the system taking into account the printed words on the overlay, positioned without masking any part of the written message.

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