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Who’s Looking after Your Laser?

Before buying your laser, you checked out the performance, specification, cost and the competition. Now you’ve got the right laser for the job. But did you add in after-sales support to the purchase decision?

Laser after sales support

Sooner or later, every laser will go wrong for one of a whole range of reasons. If there are defects in manufacturing or system components, problems will become apparent very quickly. A laser system fault may be created by external factors, such as an electrostatic discharge. Or the failure may be due to operational wear-out. Whatever the cause, without local after-sales support, getting your laser back into production could prove expensive

Travel Costs

Chances are your laser was manufactured abroad. If you have to return it, there’s a shipping cost as well as costly and lengthy downtime. There could be a time zone problem too in just getting to speak to someone from the manufacturers.

If shipping is impractical, you’ll need a visit from an engineer. If the engineer is coming from say, Switzerland or Germany, there’s a potential language problem. There’s also travel and accommodation costs. Add all these expenses together plus the cost of the engineer and you could be talking £1000s.

Support on Your Doorstep

Buy your laser from TLM and you won’t just be buying a laser. We provide a complete support package, tailor-made to meet your needs. The package could include technical support including emergency call-outs, a bespoke preventative maintenance contract and even in-house training if required.

Regionally Based Engineers

TLM have five regionally-based, experienced and fully trained engineers in the UK. With this coverage we can offer local support, providing a same or next day service.

Of course, you don’t need to be a TLM laser system customer to benefit from our services. To find out how you can enjoy the best possible technical support with complete peace of mind, please contact