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Laser Materials

Lasers are used for cutting, welding, marking and engraving a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, glass, wood and other organic materials.

  • using lasers with metals


    Metals are maybe the first material we think of when we think about lasers in industry. Every metal can be cut, welded, hardened or machined with a laser. Different metals require different lasers....

    Metals »

  • Laser plastic welding and etching


    Many plastics can be processed with lasers. They marked, welded or cut cleanly and accurately. ...

    Plastics »

  • Innolas Laser Wafer marking


    Low energy 355 nm Lasers are used to mark semiconductor wafers....

    Semiconductors »

  • Laser cutting and marking of wood and other organic materials


    Lasers can be used for cutting and marking a range of organic materials including wood, paper, leather, stone, textiles and fabrics. Organic textiles suitable for laser cutting include linen, cotton and silk. ...

    Organics »

  • laser marking of packaging

    Films & Foils

    Extensively used in the packaging industry. Laser marking of foils and cardboards gives a highly repeatable alternative to printing with lower re-tooling costs....

    Films & Foils »

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