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Semiconductor Industry Robot and Pre-Aligner Repair

Semiconductor manufacturing relies heavily on automation to provide hands-off manufacturing capability in high pressure, sometimes critical, environments.

Robots and pre-aligners play a fundamental role in such processing. However, with the tasks being so repetitive and so many moving parts involved within the assemblies, it is virtually inevitable that a robot or pre-aligner will fail at some point. 

Replace or repair?

When a robot or pre-aligner fails, you have some options to consider. 

Replacement could be extremely expensive and potentially impractical. Many pieces of equipment are integrated with robots and pre-aligners that have been obsolete for several years. In such cases, the only options are to repair or refurbish.

Experience the key 

Who do you choose to carry out the necessary repair? We believe experience is the key factor. This applies not just to the service and maintenance company’s corporate history but to the personnel performing the repair work. In addition, these people should not only be experienced in robot and pre-aligner repairs but supported by necessary and up-to-date qualifications.

Pre-aligner Repair or renew robot

TLM engineers are acknowledged as among the best in the semiconductor industry. We have supplied and maintained laser wafer marking systems for many years and have incorporated our services to include robots and pre-aligners as they have evolved and been adopted by the industry.

 A dedicated service 

For robot and pre-aligner repairs, TLM engineers are fully trained and qualified. Supported by a wide range of spare parts, our engineers offer a choice of services to meet your needs. 

These services include a straightforward functional repair where the specific issues relating to your robot are fixed and the failed parts are replaced and the robot recalibrated. 

As an alternative (and potentially preferable option to a functional repair), it could be worth considering a full refurbishment of your robots and aligners. This service will restore them to as near as new condition and is supported with a 12 months warranty – all at a fraction of the cost of replacing the equipment.

Whatever your robot and pre-aligner maintenance and service needs, TLM have the experience, the expertise and the engineers to keep your process running at peak efficiency. For a service offering that’s custom-made to meet your needs, please contact

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