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Laser Packaging Solutions

LasX develops, designs and manufactures industrial laser systems for materials processing. The company has particular expertise within the packaging industry, supplying solutions for flexible packaging, cartons and print.

To complement their laser systems and equipment, LasX also provides a contract manufacturing service. This is a production facility for customers who have a need to outsource their packaging or do not have the value to justify an equipment purchase.

Custom-Made Systems

LasX CartonsInMinutes

Pattern perforating, High Speed Down Web scoring, carton scoring, micro perfing and hole drilling – LasX can design and manufacture a system to meet your specific packaging needs.

If you require a combination of processes, LasX can provide a system that will carry these out in one pass.

Commercial print and label production (at a rate of 160 feet a minute) are additional solutions provided by LasX.

All of LasX’s packaging solutions deliver the highest quality and productivity through integrating the laser process with intelligent automation such as robots, machine vision and digital workflow.

For production flexibility, LasX provides an ISO-certified contract service operation. Through a variety of laser processing work cells, LasX provide outsourced manufacturing for both long and short runs.

Breathable Packaging Specialists

LasX’s sister company, FlexPak Services, specialises in contract laser converting for the flexible packaging industry.

Breathable packaging is an area where the company has particular expertise. This involves preserving food products by modifying the packaging atmosphere and controlling the amount of oxygen and moisture inside.

Compared to mechanical methods or speciality films, laser processing provides a more affordable way to create controlled breathable packaging. FlexPak lasers can score to a controlled depth or micro-perforate any flexible film to increase gas exchange rates or control the release of moisture from packaged perishable foods.


With a significant shift to digital printing in the packaging industry, the gap between design and print has been shortened and simplified enormously. Given the software-controls nature of a laser processing system, it’s a logical step to digitalise the converting processes too.

LasX’s CartonsInMinutes® synchronises the digital printer and laser to provide a completely connected solution from the design office to shipping. This setup providesa significant reduction in lead time to shipment, an increase in material yield and high flexibility for short batch runs or prototyping.

For details of how LasX and FlexPak Services can meet your specific in-house or outsourced packaging needs, please visit the LasX website or contact