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Point & Shoot

With Point & Shoot single items are placed below the laser's camera and the software projects the image to be marked onto the screen in the MarkUS user interface.  In this way the required and the actual marks will match reducing the production wastage and improving productivity.

  • IMP Foba Laser Mark Positioning

    Intelligent Mark positioning

    IMP (Intelling Mark Positioning) is an optional vision package for a certain range of FOBA laser systems . This vision package contains of a camera and an own vision software, which is seamlessly integrated into the standard FOBA laser software MarkUS. So no extra separate software for IMP....

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  • point and shoot marking software

    MarkUS Vision alignement

    alignement FOBA MarkUS is high-performance laser control software for the creation of laser markings. Closed-loop mark process supporting customers' process, reliability (pre- & post-mark validation with part validation, pre-mark verification, mark alignment, mark verification, optical character verification and 2D code validation)...

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