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Flatbed Laser Cutting

We have a range of fibre laser cutting machines to give you the ability to cut the material you need at the thickness you require at very high levels of accuracy and repeatability. Automation accuracy eliminates the need for manual operations while also reducing down time.

Using YLS Fiber Lasers with up to 4kW average power on a flatbed with a sheet size of up to 1250mm x 1250 mm you can cut steel, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, alloys and even carbon fibre. Low mass cutting heads and granite bases mean that you can achive speed and accuracy in anything from prototyping to high volume production. The small footprint and high efficiency delivers affordability and a rapid return on investment.

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BODOR flat bed laser cutting machines featuring a flake graphite cast iron base coupled with a lightweight crossbeam for fast, stable high-quality precision laser cutting.

The heavy bed provides a more stable working platform while the lightweight crossbeam makes it work faster. The software control system allows higher cutting precision combined with comfortable operation.

Flatbed laser cutting machine

Features include:

Intelligent travel protection

Automatically monitor the range of crossbeam and cutting parts to keep operation within machining range.

Auxiliary gas pressure alarm

Providing real-time pressure detection to ensure consistant cutting performance, accuracy and timeliness of gas replacement.

WIFI remote assistance

Global real-time feedback with fault analysis and troubleshooting.

New generation safety module

Maintaining laser head distance with the work piece during cutting process improves cutting performance and reduces the collision rate.

Automatic lubrication system

Providing lubricating oil to ensure normal and high speed operation. This system enhances cutting accuracy while extending the service life of the transmission mechanism.

For details of the BODOR range of flat-bed laser cutting and tube processing systems, please visit or return to the metal laser cutter machine page.