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Laser Safety Glasses, Windows, Enclosures and Equipment

Laser safety is about the safe design, use and implementation of lasers to minimise the risk of laser accidents, especially eye injuries. Even relatively small amounts of laser light can lead to permanent eye damage.

Moderate and high-power lasers are potentially hazardous as they can burn the retina of the eye and sometimes the skin. To control the risk of injury, various specifications are used to define ‘classes’ of laser depending on their power and wavelength. Regulations also prescribe required laser safety measures such as labelling lasers with specific warnings and wearing laser safety glasses or goggles when operating lasers.

TLM Laser supplies laser safety windows and curtains for your production lines or stand alone machines.  We also supply laser safety glasses at hugely competitive prices. 

Bofa fume extractors ensure safe working environments removing any harmful gases from laser cutting and welding systems used in production.

  • Univet laser safety glasses

    Laser Safety Eyewear Wizard

    TLM Laser supplies laser safety eyewear from Univet at industry beating prices. Get an online quote quickly and easily here....

    Laser Safety Eyewear Wizard »

  • Univet laser safety windows

    Laser Safety Windows Wizard

    Get an online quote for your protective glass or polycarbonate windows. We supply bespoke laser safety windows to your size and protection requirements....

    Laser Safety Windows Wizard »

  • Bofa, Laser Fume Extraction

    Laser manufacturing fume extraction

    Use Bofa fume extraction systems so that your efficient production environment is safe and clean. ...

    Laser manufacturing fume extraction »

  • Guide to butying laser safety eyewear

    Protecting your eyes from Lasers

    A guide to how to select the correct safety glass for your production line and eyewear for your workforce....

    Protecting your eyes from Lasers »

  • Laser hair removal safety glasses

    Safety Glasses for Laser Hair Removal

    Safety glasses for patients and operators working with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), including laser hair removal specialists. ...

    Safety Glasses for Laser Hair Removal »

  • Laser chambers and enclosures

    Laser Chambers and Enclosures

    A laser chamber is a room or an enclosure used for class 4 laser operations, such as for cleaning or welding, where the operator is required inside the room. ...

    Laser Chambers and Enclosures »

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