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Stand Alone Laser Plastic Welding

Fully autonomous laser plastic welding systems that deliver large capacity welding performance with superb repeatability made possible by features such as integrated melt-travel monitoring; while at the same time as providing sufficient levels of safety to the user to be given Laser Class 1 ratings.

  • LPKF TwinWeld 3D plastic welding system

    LPKF TwinWeld 3D

    Perfect welding of large components at low unit costs.This system has revolutionized the volume production of tail lights in the car industry....

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  • LPKF Power- Weld 2000 can be easily adapted to meet individual customer requirements

    LPKF Power Weld 2000

    Optimal workpiece quality and productivity from a variety of laser sources and feeding systems combined with process monitoring systems....

    LPKF Power Weld 2000 »

  • Q power, LPKF Power Weld 3000

    LPKF Power Weld 3000

    The LPKF PowerWeld 3000 is ideal for the toughest industrial demands: reliability thanks to integrated melt-travel monitoring....

    LPKF Power Weld 3000 »

  • LPKF PowerWeld 2600

    LPKF Power Weld 2600

    With the same specifications as the PowerWeld 2000 but having the ability to maximise production using a round indexing table....

    LPKF Power Weld 2600 »

  • LPKF PrecisionWeld

    LPKF PrecisionWeld

    For microfluidics seems of only 100μm are required. With a positioning repeatability of 10μm the PrecisionWeld fulfils this requirement with ease....

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  • LPKF PrecisionWeld 6600

    LPKF PowerWeld 6600

    A medium to large unit that integrates well into any client's manufacturing execution system. ...

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  • LPKF PoewerWeld 8000 3D

    LPKF PowerWeld3D 8000

    A 400W laser for welding large 3D components up to 1m * 750mm * 400mm creating a weld seam width between 1 and 5mm with an integrated melt travel monitoring system. ...

    LPKF PowerWeld3D 8000 »

  • LPKF Twinweld 3000

    LPKF TwinWeld 3D 3000

    With a 600 mm cubed workarea and more clamping force the 3000 offers an alternative to jumping to the 6000. Equipped with a 100W 980 nm infrared diode laser in common with all TwinWeld machines which is optimal for hybrid and contour welding....

    LPKF TwinWeld 3D 3000 »

  • LPKF Twinweld 6000

    LPKF TwinWeld 3D 6000

    If you combine the 600mm cube to work in with a rotary table with 400N clamping force you get the flexibility of the TwinWeld 3D 6000. Making integrating manufacturing processes such as welding rear light assemblies in the automotive industry highly efficient....

    LPKF TwinWeld 3D 6000 »