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Laser Safety Windows Wizard

Laser safety glass and windowsUse our Laser Safety Windows Calculator to find the right safety windows for your laser system

TLM Laser supply Univet’s range of safety windows at industry best prices. These full protection absorption filters are available in glass, acrylic or polycarbonate in a range of off-the-shelf sizes. Custom sizes are available by selecting a larger window and specifying a smaller dimension below. Windows are supplied with holes and coupling seats as specified by the customer’s design.  Custom sizes will be subject toi a cutting charge.

Made in glass, the windows have a high absorption capacity and good visible light transmission. Plastic windows are ultra-light and impact resistant but have a lower optical density which may not provide enough protection against more powerful lasers.

For options and prices of the laser safety windows that are right for your laser, please use our Online Wizard here. Just key in the in the details for an immediate response.

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