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Enclosed Welding Systems

Alpha Laser creates enclosed laser systems to enhance safety and allow manipulation of workpieces within modern state of the art enclosures.

  • Laser welding system with a closed working chamber


    A seated workstation with a spacious closed working chamber. Adjustable and ergonomic, this joystick operated axis movement laser enables direct and exact movement....

    ALW »

  • ALV enclosed laser welding machine


    A compact laser welding machine with tailored laser properties for fine welding work and build-up welding in tool and mold manufacture....

    ALV »

  • Laser welding system with a closed working chamber

    AL Fiber

    The AL welding system can also be equipped with a fiber laser source. This allows the closed laser system to work on larger or longer components. The ALV is operated via a touchscreen display. ...

    AL Fiber »

  • laser-proof chamber

    AL-SW 150

    The enclosed laser welding system for delicate work pieces of up to 1m in length....

    AL-SW 150 »

  • Laser Welding System AL-RB


    The AL-RB is a tube cutting machine for tubes up to 12mm diameter....

    AL-RB »

  • Laser welding systems and equipment VL 50

    VL 50

    The VL 50 is a compact and universal desktop welding laser....

    VL 50 »

  • Laser welding system AC300F


    A laser cutting system for sheets up to 3mm in thickness. Draw - Convert - cut: This system is ideal for prototypes and small series with the CAD-generated cutting paths. ...

    AC300F »

  • Manual laser welding

    ALO 100 & 120

    Laser welding system for manual welding - especially if you want to weld long or bulky parts quickly, manually and flexibly...

    ALO 100 & 120 »

  • Handheld laser welder

    VLO 60

    For demanding close manual welding work the compact VLO 60 is a laser that stands out for its consistent, powerful and forgiving welding characteristics. This table-top laser welding machine is ideal for dental laboratories, goldsmiths, manufacturers of sensors and microcomponents, as well as anyone who needs to weld small components quickly and easily by hand....

    VLO 60 »

  • micro manipulating and welding sensors

    ALO 120 MICRO

    A micromanipulator ensures the micrometer-accurate positioning of the components and the control for the pneumatic rotary axis is already integrated....

    ALO 120 MICRO »