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Production Line Ready Laser Plastic Welding

In the automotive, medical and electronic industries, laser plastic welding is now firmly established as a high quality technology.

Our product partner, LPKF, is an established leader in this technology. Much of the company’s success can be attributed to a policy of innovation, exemplified by the LPKF InlineWeld series of integration systems. These systems are designed for automatic feed and integration within production lines. By housing supply equipment such as laser source, power supply, cooling and controls in a separate switch cabinet, the actual processing unit is exceptionally compact, making it easily integrated within automatic workpiece carrier systems or at a rotary table.

Small Component Solution

With a maximum working area of 100 x 100mm, the LPKF InlineWeld 6200 is ideal for the welding of small plastic components such as medical and bio-medical devices, mobile phone parts and small automotive parts such as a brake fluid reservoir. Safety is a priority within a production environment and the system conforms to all laser protection stipulations and meets laser class 1 during production operations. The clamping technology, cylinder unit and component holder are all equipped with safety sensors allowing relatively simple and straightforward installation in production lines conforming to EN-ISO 11553.

For easy programming of weld contours, the InlineWeld 6200 comes with the tried and tested LPKF ProSet control software. A ProfiNet interface connects this software to the customer’s own manufacturing execution system (MES) enabling the system to adapt and optimise the welding contour.

For larger and more complex scanner-based components as well as welding contours, the LPKF 6600 has over twice the working area – 215 x 215mm. This system is designed for triple shift round-the-clock operation and high throughput.

Integrator’s Toolkit

To facilitate the easy integration of LPKF InlineWeld systems into customers’ production lines, TLM provide an Integrator’s Toolkit. The Toolkit contains virtually all the technical operation the integrator needs – CAD/CAM technical drawings, wiring diagrams, etc. to help ensure a trouble-free installation in the fastest possible time.

For more information about the TLM Integrator’s Toolkit and full details on the LPKF InlineWeld 6200 and 6600, please contact