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Micro Machining from Swisstec

Precision components are needed in a range of processes and micromachining is used in many industries to manufacture and process high technology parts. Lasers provide a wide range of micro applications including:

Micro cuttingMicro Cutting - for pricision medical equipment such as biopsy needles

Micro drillingMicro Drilling - holes from approx. 20 μm for micro filter tubes

Micro WeldingMicro Welding - pulsed fiber laser welding of stainless steel

TLM are the UK partner for Swisstec 3D.

Swisstec are at the very forefront of laser micro machining. They are designers and builders of high-end, laser machining systems for super-precision cutting, drilling and welding of micro parts, based in Switzerland. They are committed to help companies implement innovative machining solutions to expand micromachining capabilities, and develop new business areas, with new standards of quality, performance and productivity. As a true Prime Solution provider, Swiss Tec closely works with its customer to ensure expectations are met and future technological developments are included.

Applications and Manufacturing.

All machining systems are designed and built in Switzerland; the platforms consist of modular components which are configured according to individual application requirements.

In the applications lab, 'Proof of Principle' samples are produced; individual work samples are processed in our international Application Labor (depending on application) for various materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Ceramic
  • Platimun
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Ruby
  • Diamond
  • Brass
  • Sapphire
  • High-grade steel
  • Molybdene
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Nitinol
  • Tantal
  • INOX
  • Silicon
  • Titanium

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The unique design of Swiss Tec Micro Machining Systems is raising the bar for laser cutting and drilling of intricate work pieces: Proprietary CNC software - the result of a joint research project with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) - runs the state-of-the-art fiber laser technology with a motorized beam expander, and the ultra-precise, linear-motor, motion system with a navigation of 0 .1 micron resolution of the newest breed of Swiss Tec micro machining systems.

With in excess of 3000 mm/min cutting speed, the Micro-T13 and T15 platforms are the fastest, most accurate laser cutting systems in their class (repeatable positioning accuracy 1micron; min. kerf width 8-20 micron).

Great ease of use (touch-screen, intuitive interface, auto-repositioning of cutting head, etc.). Low maintenance, 24/7 operation. Swiss quality / Swiss made.

Customized platform configurations for a wide range of applications. Proof of principle and individual work samples provided free of charge .

Proprietary software components for

  • processing design and simulation (CAM),
  • control of beam delivery,
  • optimization of processing speed and quality.

Automatic repositioning of cutting head. Process traceability to meet FDA requirements.

Many additional options such as:

  • automatic precision feeding and handling of work pieces,
  • work piece cleaning system,
  • automatic nozzle re-positioning system,
  • finger print or bar scanner for security and quick process changes,
  • LAN- and ethernet capability,
  • color CCD camera,

and a host of other, proprietary features.

Data Sheets

  • Laser processing systems to meet manufacturing needs

    swisstec 3D Multi Flexi SHEET - MFS

    MFS is optimized for sheet metal cutting. A compact laser cutting system that is designed for high volume manufacturing applications,...

  • Multi flexi tube MFT

    swisstec 3D Multi Flexi Tube - MFT

    High accuracy laser micromachining in an ultra-compact footprint. The smallest solution on the market, MFT has capabilities like a laser twice or fourth its size...

  • Multi Flexi 5/6 Axes

    Multi Flexi 5/6 Axes - MF 5A

    This small-footprint, total material processing 5/6-axis laser micromachining system is designed to produce highly accurate parts with demanding geometries Easy to use, simple to maintain and incredibly powerful. FIBER, PICOSECOND & FEMTOSECOND laser types....

  • Multi Flexi Sheet - MFCs

    swisstec 3D Multi Flexi Sheet - MFCs

    This total material processing solution is ideal for a universal range of applications. MFCs is a fully-automated all-in-one laser micromachining system for fast-paced R&D and production environments. ...

If you need more information on any of these laser machines or you would like help integrating them into your production environment, please contact us