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Laser Marking Livestock

Laser marked polyurethane ear tags are the fast way to identify agricultural animals

Cattle, sheep, pigs or goats, if you own a herd or a flock or even a single animal, you will need to meet strict requirements regarding identification and traceability. The regulations are important for reasons of disease control and retaining public confidence in farm produce.

Laser marked ear tags on cattle

For cattle, sheep and pigs, the key identifier of the animal is with one or more approved ear tags. These tags must carry the official identity number and can also carry the owner’s animal management information as long as it does not conflict with the official identifier. Management tags must not be coloured yellow, black or red or have the letters UK printed on them.

The preferred choice

Laser marking is the preferred choice for ear tags because it is ideal for computer generated codes and logos. Tags are ultra-fast to produce and the laser gives long-term permanent markings, etched deeply into the tag. However, suppliers of official ear tags for cattle, sheep and goats must be registered and their ear tags undergo an approval process.

An approved tag laser marking company will provide a fast turnaround service and a comprehensive range of DEFRA approved identity tags to choose from. Typically, the range will include:

  • Polyurethane cattle identity tags including replacement tags and new calf tags
  • Nylon and plastic sheep tags and EID tags
  • Polyurethane pig tags
  • Polyurethane management tags in a range of non-government use colours
  • Domestic pet and equestrian identification tags.

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