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Making 3D Printing Easy

Our product partners, Alpha Laser, have recently launched their new 3D additive manufacturing system, the AL3D-METAL 250.

With this launch, design and manufacturing freedom become truly accessible. The system allows users to work creatively, manufacturing 3D components with the highest standards of quality and precision. It’s a manufacturing system without waste; additive manufacturing means building layer by layer saving resources by not milling from a solid.

Consistent results

The system’s 3D metal printer is equipped with a 250W fiber laser. Its precise laser spot size and high beam quality allow the production of the finest and most complex geometrics.

AL3D-METAL 250 Laser Printer

With its closed powder circuit and small construction platform, optimal material utilisation is ensured. This is a key advantage in manufacturing sectors where high priced metals are used, such as within the jewellery industry. The system’s high powder yield is further enhanced by the powder head layout and its integrated cleaning routine.

The closed gas system houses the filter cartridges to allow additive manufacturing with reactive materials as standard as well as ensuring minimum gas consumption.

Innovative cartridge system

The system’s unique cartridge system reduces machine set up time to a minimum. Users simply select a cartridge with their desired material, insert it into the printer, select a print file and start the printing process. This easy to use process allows for frequent powder changes without frustrating or costly delays.

Depending on the cartridge material, users can take over the material parameters of the cartridge or alter the machine parameters. With this high degree of flexibility, the system is ideal for research and development as well as working within certified production environments.

Once the component has been printed, the cartridge is inserted into the unpacking station (AL3D-CABIN 50). Here the component is separated from the excess powder which can then be collected in a second cartridge or aspirated. An integrated suction device can be connected to external power extractors to allow powder recycling.

Simple touch operation

AL3D-METAL software provides intuitive operation for process optimisation. Transfer of CAD data is made to the intelligent software (AL3D-OS). The 3D data is simply imported, arranged and given necessary support structure.

Software parameters can be changed easily, layer by layer, during the printing process. This benefit is particularly useful for R&D work because it allows efficient process development and powder evaluation.

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