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High Energy Efficiency Laser Welding

Alpha Laser’s New AL-F System

Our product partners Alpha-Laser have held off producing a fiber laser system suitable for the laser welding process until now because they wanted to get it right. With the new AL-F, they have.

Fiber laser welding system

Choice of Four Laser Heads

The AL-F 1070 nm fiber laser system has a choice of four laser heads – 300, 450, 600 and 900W. Pulse duration is 0.2 ms-CW and pulse frequency is from single pulse to 100Hz. A welding spot ranging from 0.3 -4.00 allows precision welding when required.

With a laser pistol and video goggles, the system can be used for mobile welding or manual welding viewed through a microscope. Fully automatic reproducible welding processes can also be carried out, viewed through the optional TV system.

All the Cost Benefits of Fiber

Compared with pump flash lamp lasers, the immediate benefit of fiber lasers is in efficiency: only 1% of the light from a pump flashlamp system is absorbed, with fiber it’s around 25%. However, that’s only the start of it. There is no optical laser rail so fiber systems are easier to integrate and operate. They are more reliable with an average life span of 100,000 hours and more rugged, making them easier to transport and requiring less maintenance. Fiber laser systems are also considerably more powerful or wall plug efficient and are smaller and lighter, saving valuable floor space.

If the cost of ownership of a laser welding system has deterred you from taking advantage of one of the most efficient production processes around, the AL-F system could be the answer you’re looking for.

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