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A Handheld Laboratory for Laser Welding Perfection

Unfortunately Element Check is no longer available

Alpha Laser’s ElementCheck takes the guess work out of choosing the ideal welding repair material.

Alpha ElementCheck ElementCheck is a handheld measurement device that allows you to determine the chemical components of a work piece just by touching it. You can then choose the right welding wire and the ideal base parameters to carry out your laser welding project to perfection.

Portable X-ray Machine

This compact (220Lx230Wx80H (mm)) device is in effect a portable X-ray machine. It uses X-ray fluorescence analysis to give an accurate breakdown of the chemical elements contained in a material. The analysis includes the proportional weight of the various elements in percentage terms.

Easy to Use, Quick and Precise

ElementCheck puts a complete laboratory in your hands. To operate it, you simply hold the device against the work piece and press the measuring buttons. Seconds later, an exact analysis of the chemical components of your work piece is displayed on the screen at the rear. The device can analyse any element with an atomic weight of 11 (sodium) or higher. This information is especially useful in mould and die repairs where knowing the precise chemical constituency allows you to choose the ideal repair materials to give the strongest of welds.

Safe, Solid & Reliable

The ElementCheck is safe, sold and reliable and ergonomically designed. Because it is an X-ray device, operators are required to attend a short training course before using it in the workplace.

Unfortunately Element Check is no longer available