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All's Weld at Southern Manufacturing

Laser welding came into its own at this year’s Southern Manufacturing Exhibition.

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition

Last year’s Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition held at Farnborough was literally blown out by high winds. The show had to close at lunchtime on the first day as it looked like the roof was going to come off! The second day went ahead but many people stayed away.

This year was an altogether different story. The event really did take off! Held between 10-12 February in Farnborough’s FIVE venue, the exhibition was expanded to three days and for TLM Laser, three successful days they were too.

It was TLM’s third time at the event. TLM’s product partners were represented on the stand by a range of laser cutting, marking and welding machines. At exhibitions like Southern Manufacturing, laser marking machines normally lead the way in product enquiries and there were certainly quite a few of them. However, what really took the TLM team by surprise was the wealth of interest in laser welding systems.

Precise, Versatile and Time Saving

Laser welding is precise, versatile, time saving and, as a low heat application, creates minimal distortion. With today’s much reduced equipment costs and as TLM’s presence at Southern Manufacturing proved, it is fast becoming the laser application of today.

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