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Industrial Laser Applications

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Marking Time: from 18 to 3 HoursPosted: 15 Jul 2021

Marking Time: from 18 to 3 Hours

The FOBA M3000-P laser marker has made major productivity increases for one medical device manufacturer.Read more »
Honeycomb Laser Table: Hidden DangerPosted: 28 Jun 2021

Honeycomb Laser Table: Hidden Danger

CO² flatbed lasers often use a honeycomb table to support work pieces. Without regular care and attention this could cause a damaging fire.Read more »
Why Any Laser Won’t DoPosted: 21 May 2021

Why Any Laser Won’t Do

Some people think that all they need is a multimode fiber laser and all their laser cutting and marking needs are answered. Sadly, they are not.Read more »