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Laser Plastic Welding for Integrators

Laser Plastic Welding for IntegratorsLPKF InlineWeld laser welding systems are designed to enable laser plastic welding to be directly and easily integrated into the production lines of a wide range of business sectors. All of the functions relevant to the process are included in the systems and the technical embedding uses standard electrical and mechanical interfaces.

Integrated Welding Head

Part of the range and the first in a new price-performance class for integrated systems is the LPKF InlineWeld 6200 laser plastic welding head. This laser head will directly integrate within the production line. With a client-focussed interface and boosted laser power, laser plastic welding becomes attractive and accessible for ever more applications.

Fast and Easy Setup

With a welding field of up to 100 x 100mm, the InlineWeld 6200 conforms to all laser protection criteria and corresponds to Laser Class 1 during production operation. Clamping technology, cylinder unit and component holder are all equipped with safety sensors, to make conforming to EN-ISO 11553 a simple process. The system is supplied with the LPKF CAM software ProSeT so that setting up the welding contour for production is also fast and easy.

A ProfiNet interface allows the integration to connect directly to the client’s own manufacturing execution system (MES). Once connected, the system accepts the process data and then supplies the values for the actual welding process; for instance, the time/melt travel data for quality assurance. Process data and system parameters can be set up without connecting to the MES through a separately available LPKF Interface Box. This allows the InlineWeld 6200 to operate as a stand-alone system after installation in a production cell.

Supplying a Process, Not Just a Product

As LPKF’s UK product partners, TLM Laser is here to make sure that the InlineWeld 6200 is working productively from Day One. In fact, we’re here to help from the very start of the integration process’s design and development, supplying all the technical support necessary. As part of this process, we provide an Integrator’s Toolkit. With the Toolkit, virtually all the technical information integrators require is there at their fingertips – CAD/CAM technical drawings, software interface and connection details, wiring diagrams, etc. – it’s all to hand.

This combination of the compact and economical LPKF InlineWeld 6200 and TLM Laser’s process-driven support service is there to ensure integrators’ have all they need to get their clients’ production lines moving – productively, safely and cost-efficiently.

For details about the InlineWeld 6200 welding head and TLM’s Integration Services including the Integrators’ Toolkit, please contact