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New Mobile Laser Welder Built Around User Needs

Our product partners, laser welding pioneers Alpha Laser, have launched a new addition to their mobile laser welding range. 

The AL-CROSS laser welder is designed to answer the demands generated by portability. For a start, this new mobile laser welding system is robust. Its housing has sturdy aluminium handles that provide shock protection and facilitate easy movement of the system. Movement made even easier by integrated eyelets for loading and storing plus a hook for a winch.

User orientated

The AL-CROSS welder is built round user needs. There are generous storage areas for the operator’s bits and pieces. Welding wire, joystick, foot pedal, safety glasses and tools can all be accommodated in specially designed holders that can be fixed to the side of the welding laser. 

Laser welding machine

The base also has a fifth wheel to enable the direct transport of the gas bottle. 

The user friendliness of the AL-CROSS welder extends to helping operators with reading glasses. Operators can adjust the colour display to allow them to set or read the laser parameters “specs free”.

Small van friendly 

It’s not just its wheels that makes the AL-CROSS so completely mobile. The display on the laser arm can be tilted giving it a transport height of 1.25m (4ft 1.21in). This means the system will fit into any small van with a loading height of at least 1.40m (4ft 7.12in). The laser arm, lenses and laser head are all designed to give maximum mobility. 

Powerful fiber laser 

With 450W constant laser power, the AL-CROSS is a powerful fiber laser. Welding can be carried out in pulsed or CW mode. The welding action can be adjusted through integrated pulse shapes.

Welding parameters can be set by either the colour display, the multifunction foot switch or the new AL-DRIVE control unit. 

Joystick laser control 

The new control unit, AL-DRIVE, allows you to steer the axes of the laser, set them in semi-automatic mode and adjust the laser parameters. The pulse trigger, the R axis and the fast gear are all located in the joystick. 

The joystick buttons can be freely pre-programmed, so it makes no difference whether the operator is left or right-handed. 

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