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Laser Marking Software | FOBA

FOBA has excellent software to support your marking process ensuring that your marks are in the right place and that that fact is verified automatically.

OCV Systems for mark psitioning and verification

FOBA doftware for marking and engraving
  • Laser amrking Software

    MarkUS Software

    The intuitive software for laser marking...

    MarkUS Software »

  • The patented IMP, Intelligent Mark Positioning

    Intelligent Mark Positioning

    The patented Intelligent Mark Positioning offers a unique means of improving laser marking and engraving processes....

    Intelligent Mark Positioning »

  • marking laser

    Laser Marking Workflow

    Videos of the Laser integrated vision alignment and inspection tools for the simplest, most complete laser marking process solution...

    Laser Marking Workflow »

  • Mosaic intelligent mark positioning software

    MarkUS Mosaic

    Mosaic combines IMP with the scan feature from an early version of MarkUS....

    MarkUS Mosaic »

  • FOBA GO marking software


    FOBA GO is an innovative web-based touch UI for the easy and quick creation and output of laser marking jobs...

    FOBA GO »